About the Bywater

History of the Bywater

First developed in the early 19th century after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, what we know as the Bywater today, has assumed many names and identities. Originally part of the Third Municipality, also known as the Dirty Third, the Poor Third, and the Glorious Third, the Bywater was first developed between the 1810s and the 1840s as the population of New Orleans was growing.

Illustrated map of the Bywater neighborhood

The Bywater Today

Now, BonVi is proud to be an inclusive community that welcomes everyone in the neighborhood.

The Bywater is home to New Orleans natives and transplants alike. Old and young, artists and business people. The Bywater thrives because of its diverse qualities and BonVi is happy to be a part of it.

BonVi building and exterior planters

The Bywater is a fun, artsy neighborhood. It’s quieter than the Marigny but still near downtown. You’ll be close to the fun of the French Quarter but far enough away from all the action to still get a good night’s sleep. Take advantage of all the things the Bywater has to offer and live at BonVi today!